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UV-Visible & Fluorescence Spectroscopy Simulations

This simulated lab activity was developed by Dr. María Emilia Villanueva and collaborators from the Department of Basic Sciences at Universidad Nacional de Luján. Parts of this activity are discussed in a recent J.Chem Ed. article

The material is designed for the undergraduate instrumental analytical chemistry course level. The activities have been provided in both Spanish and English versions below.

Screen capture from the fluorescent simulation program.

This virtual lab incorporates two simulations of laboratory instruments, a UV-Visible spectrometer (web simulation) and a Fluorescence spectrometer (free download Win/Mac). The activities proposed in these Virtual Lab experiments provide a simulation of most of the functions that have been developed for the simulators. Both simulators provide the ability to select the optimal wavelength and to develop calibration curves. In the UV-Vis spectrophotometer simulator a mix of two dyes is quantified while in the Fluorescence spectroscopy simulator, the quenching phenomenon is studied.

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