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Tag: nontoxic

Determining the Pressure inside an Unopened Carbonated Beverage

Students tackle the deceptively simple task of determining the pressure of carbon dioxide gas inside a sealed soft drink can. By Hans de Grys, Journal of Chemical Education 2007, 84, 7, 1117 Abstract Soft drinks provide a unique way to explore chemical principles. A challenging exercise for students is to determine the pressure of the carbon dioxide gas inside…

Qualitative analysis of household powders

Students investigate 8 household white powders and classify them based on their physical and chemical properties. Using their findings, students then identify an unknown powder obtained from a crime scene to determine the suspect's guilt or innocence. Students gain experience in the identification of chemical and physical changes, careful organization of data, and writing chemical reactions.…
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Charged with a salt: exploring conductivity

Students use household materials and a conductivity probe to explore factors that affect the conductivity of electrolytic solutions. Students gain experience in molarity and dilution calculations, solution preparation, nomenclature, statistical analysis, and graphical presentation of data. This hands-on activity is flexible and can be modified to accommodate both high school and undergraduate courses. Students can safely…
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