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Tag: At-home or In-Lab Experiment For High School

Conductivity probe available from Amazon

Charged with a salt: exploring conductivity

Students use household materials and a conductivity probe to explore factors that affect the conductivity of electrolytic solutions. Students gain experience in molarity and dilution calculations, solution preparation, nomenclature, statistical analysis, and graphical presentation of data. This hands-on activity is flexible and can be modified to accommodate both high school and undergraduate courses. Students can safely…

Synthesis of the copper pigment malachite: making tempera paint

Students synthesize the copper pigment malachite, then use the pigment to prepare egg tempera paint. Students explore "stoichiometry (excess reactants and yields), solubility, precipitation, and properties of emulsions" in this Journal of Chemical Education article by Sally D. Solomon, Susan A. Rutkowsky, Megan L. Mahon, and Erica M. Halpern. The first half of this experiment uses…
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