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PeakMaster Capillary Electrophoresis Simulations

This simulated lab activity was developed by Dr. Davy Guillarme and Prof. Jean-Luc Veuthey, both in the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Geneva/University of Lausanne, Geneva, Switzerland.

Screenshot of PeakMaster Simulated Electropherogram

PeakMaster simulates capillary electrophoresis including electromigration dispersion, indirect detection and system peaks. Users input capillary length, voltage, and electroosmotic mobility or neutral marker time; and select background electrolyte components and analytes from comprehensive pulldown menus. Clicking “Calculate” yields a simulated electropherogram showing analyte peaks and system peaks.

This lab was designed as combination simulated and physical lab for students in the instrumental analysis course level. Both portions of the lab are included in case you have the ability to undertake physical labs. If not the simulation portion of the lab will be most useful. In the simulation, the fundamentals of CZE are introduced and the influence of the parameters specific to CZE (pH of the buffer solution, applied voltage, and injection) on the separation of a mixture of four model compounds is evaluated by the students.

Word versions of the lab, in the original French from Dr. Guillarme, as well as an English translation by Prof. Charles Lucy, University of Alberta are included below.

PeakMaster was developed by Professor Bohuslav Gaš and his research group in the Faculty of Science at Charles University. The program can be freely downloaded here. Professor Gaš has published numerous articles on the development, applicability, and uses of PeakMaster.

Note: the PeakMaster software only functions on the Windows OS. If you or your students are using Apple’s OS you will need to install Boot Camp, or a Windows emulator. Though most emulators are paid programs, almost all offer discounted educational pricing, and free trial periods which may be sufficient to complete the lab.

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