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Gas Chromatography Lab with ProEZGC

This simulated lab activity was developed by doctoral student Henry Ponce and collaborators from the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras. Parts of this activity are discussed in a recent J. Chem Ed. article.

Screenshot of ProEXGC simulation
Screenshot of ProEXGC simulation

The Gas chromatography separation activities explore commercial column selection for GC analysis and simulates the typical conditions that must be optimized in GC analysis using organochlorine and organophosphorus pesticides as model molecules. The students evaluate different parameters that can be modeled, as the effects of column length (L), internal diameter (dcol), film thickness (df), carrier gas, flow rate (F), and temperature program (up to 5 ramps).

The material is designed for the undergraduate instrumental analytical chemistry course level, and is suggested to be used as a group learning activity (see instructor’s manual). The activities have been provided in both Spanish and English versions below.

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