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Determination of Glucose in Beverages using a Blood-Glucose Meter

An At Home or In Lab Experiment for Analytical Chemistry Laboratories

This experiment was designed to be utilized as an “at home” lab experiment where students use a commercial glucometer and test strips to design and perform an experiment to measure glucose (also known as dextrose) in sports drinks or other beverages, given some information about how to use the meter and its concentration linear range. This work is based on an experiment and information reported in the article by J. Wang and C. Maccà “Use of blood-glucose test strips for Introducing Enzyme Electrodes and Modern Biosensors” J Chem Ed 1996, 73(8), 797-799.

The files provided do not provide a “cookbook” lab procedure, but provides instructions, calibration and sample analysis data on using an over-the- counter self-monitoring blood glucose test system, which includes a glucometer and test strips, to measure glucose in sports drinks. The information provided can be used to guide students in an at home or in lab project or for faculty to quickly produce an experiment for students. A list of all the materials needed and their cost is also provided.


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