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Basics of Fourier Transform Applied to NMR Spectroscopy: An Interactive Open-Source Web Application

This Journal of Chemical Education article (J. Chem. Educ. 2020, 97, 263−264) by Yannick Esvan of Charnwood Molecular Ltd., Nottingham and Wael Zeinyeh of the University of Lyon describes a free web application that explains the Fourier Transform as applied to an NMR signal through the use of a guided tutorial linked to a real-time animation. The animation allows the user to observe the evolution of the FID as increasing numbers of frequencies are added and offers a clear and simple explanation of how frequency information is derived from the FID. Spectral parameters (background noise, acquisition time, etc) can be modified to demonstrate the effects of those changes on the spectrum. NMR spectral interpretation (chemical shift and multiplicity) are not addressed in this application.

The application can be found at:



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