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Author page: Rick Kelly

LabVIEW for Analytical Chemistry

Created by Mark Jenson at Concordia College, this site, currently in the ASDL Collection, provides two useful resources for instructors and students of analytical chemistry. The first is a collection of LabVIEW virtual instruments (VIs) for demonstrating topics such as signal-to-noise ratios, boxcar and ensemble averaging, power spectra, digital filtering, analog-to-digital conversions, and the Nyquest frequency.…

HPLC Simulation Using Excel Macros

The simulation of important concepts in HPLC is accomplished through the use of provided Excel macros. The exercise is written with explicit instructions that can be used as an at-home laboratory exercise or as supporting material for lectures on chromatograpic theory. Macros are included for isocratic, linear and step gradient, and non-ideal behaviors (Langmuir, adsorption at…
Penny Statistics Lab

Penny Statistics Lab

This lab is an introduction to statistics and error analysis for a quantitative analysis course.  It has been adapted from an experiment included with Quantitative Chemical Analysis , 9th Ed. by Daniel C. Harris. The instructions found here start with the student being supplied a large set of penny mass data in Excel. Alternatively, students…
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